LinkedIn Connections

Find the Real Number Behind 500+ LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn Connections

How to Find Out How Many Connections Someone Has to Strategically Grow Your LinkedIn Network

When you see 500+ on a LinkedIn profile, you have no idea how many connections they really have. Since LinkedIn likes to keep us in the dark about this information, how can you strategically use this information to make decisions on connecting with certain people?

In the video below, I demonstrate the ninja trick I discovered to find out how many connections someone really has. By looking at this number, you can then strategically decide which connections will help you grow your network.  The number of connections someone has will influence your ability to see more second and third connections, thus giving you more opportunity to build your business and connect with more people.

Here are some key takeaways from the video.

Connections are two-way relationships of trust between people who know each other. If you’re connected to someone, you’re following them and they’re following you by default.

Following allows you to read – right on your homepage – what members are sharing publicly on LinkedIn, including content that they’ve created such as long-form posts. You can follow someone without being connected to them.

There are four places where you will see a “Follow” link associated with a member profile.

  1. In a LinkedIn Group
  2. On a LinkedIn Influencers profile
  3. On a long post
  4. When you click on the “View Recent Updates” from a person’s profile page.

Steps to find the number of followers:

  1. Visit the profile of the person you want to review.
  2. Click on the arrow and select – View Recent Activity.
  3. Look  in the upper right corner to see the number of followers they have.
  4. If they are not actively publishing long posts, this number most likely reflects the number of first connections they have.
  5. If they write long posts, they may also  have followers in this number.
  6. Either way, this gives you an idea of their reach and how connecting with them can expand your network.

If you found this tip helpful or have some other LinkedIn tips to share, please comment below!

Are You A LinkedIn Snob?

Are You A LinkedIn Snob?

Snob – one who has an offensive air of superiority in matters of knowledge or taste.

Merriam-Webster, Incorporated

Don’t worry if you say “yes”, because I used to be one until I discovered how wrong it was.

A LinkedIn snob is someone who is very selective on which invitations they will accept as connections. I used to carry an “air of superiority” in that I thought if the person requesting the connection did not write a personalized note (they used the default message instead), that they were lazy and someone who didn’t care enough to take the extra time to “wow” me with why we should connect. That was a part of my strategy and, boy, was I wrong.

Since I have truly invested my time and energy into using LinkedIn to build my business, the truth is you want as many connections as possible. Does that mean I blindly accept all connections? No. But I only “ignore” about 1% of those that I truly see as spam or fake profiles. By changing my strategy for why I accept connections, my network has now grown to almost 14 million people. The way to grow your network and have the opportunity to connect with those who will buy from you, give you a referral, or offer you a job, is by adding more connections. It’s a simple as that.

The other reason I have relaxed my position is because LinkedIn has made it more difficult to add a personalized message. If you use your smartphone or tablet primarily when using LinkedIn, you do not get the option to add a personalized message when you send an invitation to connect.

Opening the floodgates does have pros and cons, but I think the benefits are worth it and the negatives can be managed.

The Benefits of Adding LinkedIn Connections

Some of the positive results I’ve seen in just three months are not only the big increase in my network reach, but also the number of people reviewing my profile has grown and includes connections that are in my target market. (more…)