In the competitive, fast-paced, ever-changing business environment, there is a need for personal life/business coaches. At Elkay Corporate Advisors, we work with people for an extended period of time on both personal and organizational issues.

Often, people believe that hard work and doing it on their own are the keys to finding the quality of life, success, money, or happiness that they seek. They believe that a price must be paid to attain what they want and often that price is poor health, loss of personal time, strained family relationships, and decreased productivity. Truth be told, their personal sacrifice is often greater than the reward of success.

Athletes and performers understand this cycle. They recognize they need a “trained” professional to help them set goals, discover real needs and work effectively toward excellence. Therefore, they invest in a coach or a teacher.

The Elkay Corporate Advisors coaching process is focused on helping individuals achieve excellence and balance in their lives.

Personal Brand Development

  • 6 Sessions. Each session will be approximately 1 hour in length and will end with specific goals and action steps to be accomplished by the next session.
  • 2 Follow-Up Sessions. You will present progress reports on your goals.
  • Unlimited phone/email consultations during the process.

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