Podcast: Meet Family Friendly Schools

Donald Converse, Educational Development Director at Family Friendly Schools and an instructor and trainer in the education market, assists schools and districts in choosing the family engagement developmental programs that will maximize the results of their efforts and minimize the learning curve for implementation.

Podcast: The New Normal

What Can We Learn from Dating to Match Job Seekers and Employers?

Vicki Gaddy, Founder and CEO of NewSuit, LLC, shares her insight and expertise to help both job seekers and employers discover ways to address the “new normal” by creating strategies that will foster relationships and expand horizons.

Podcast: What are You Willing to do for Happiness?

Dr. Reneé Green shares her perspective on ways of living that can improve our potential for happiness. She shares insights and strategies about areas where human thoughts and actions can be directed to improve the potential for happiness: controlling emotions, setting boundaries, and establishing strong connections. A specialist in emotional intelligence, Dr. Green discusses how the attributes of emotional intelligence are relevant to emotional well-being and future happiness.

Podcast: Do You Want Satisfied Customers or Loyal Customers?

Ted Friedli, owner of Excel Travel in Long Branch, New Jersey,  shares how his company has exceeded customer expectations for over 15 years. Customer loyalty is built customer by customer, interaction by interaction, moment by moment. You are in a powerful position to create memorable experiences for customers by consistently reaching for extraordinary service.

Podcast: Career Fitness – How to Survive & Prosper in Today’s Workplace

Elizabeth Craig, a Master Career and Job Search Strategist and President of ELC Global, shares her insights about today’s workplace.