Podcast: Career Fitness – How to Survive & Prosper in Today’s Workplace

Elizabeth Craig, a Master Career and Job Search Strategist and President of ELC Global, shares her insights about today’s workplace.

Podcast: Wendy J. Galloway – A Woman on the Move

Wendy J. Galloway, who serves as Director of Programs for the New Jersey Department of State, shares her inspiring story that has impacted the lives of many women.

Podcast:Entrepreneurs! Use Your Resources-Design Your Success

Emily J. Carter, Director of Entrepreneurship & Business Development for Southern Illinois University Carbondale, manages the Small Business Development and Entrepreneurship Centers, and the satellite Manufacturing Extension Center in southern Illinois. She shares her expertise in helping entrepreneurs use the resources available to them.

Podcast: Negotiation Tactics and Strategies Everyone Can Use

Greg Williams, internationally known as The Master Negotiator, shares his expertise as our guest on Blog Talk Radio-30 Minute Business Dig.

Greg has enhanced the negotiation skills of people worldwide. He is an author and presenter, who has mastered the fine art of negotiation and is a worldwide recognized public speaker and trainer on that subject. In his latest bestselling book, Negotiate: Afraid, ‘Know’ More, he gives insightful strategies and tips into how to use new tactics that will disarm an opponent and leave the reader in a powerful position.

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Podcast: A Stack of Business Cards is Not a Sales Strategy

Deborah Frey, co-host of our Blog Talk Radio Show – 30 Minute Business Dig, shares her knowledge and expertise during this interview about “Purposeful Networking.” In the era of relationship marketing, we cannot passively connect in face-to-face networking opportunities. Presence has power and engagement is the fuel. Individual approaches to networking vary, but the successful among us strategically plan to optimize the value for sales and customer loyalty.

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