Business Consulting

We partner with companies to provide programs that help senior management establish and implement their business strategies, resulting in measurable business improvements at every level of their organization. This is accomplished by ensuring that all staff are achieving their maximum potential at a personal and professional level; and are fully engaged in, and understand, the strategy and goals of the company, and how their role contributes to achieving these goals.

Strategic Planning

To be successful, you need a strategic plan. Elkay Corporate Advisors is experienced in helping organizations of all sizes in a variety of industries map out their futures.

We do not take a cookie cutter approach to the strategic planning process. It’s our philosophy to work closely with clients to create personalized plans. Our strategic planning process provides a format for developing specific strategies, converting those strategies into a business planning process, and establishing measurable and attainable goals. This process has been proven successful with a variety of companies in size and industries to not only determine where the company wants and needs to go, but also how it is going to get there.

Client achievements include the following:

  • Strategic focus and vision-driven leadership
  • Sustained corporate values
  • A cohesive, energized team
  • Improved market share
  • Focused utilization of resources
  • Innovative market solutions

Marketing Plan Development

The strategic marketing planning process covers the following topics: situation analysis, SWOT analysis, competitive analysis, competitive advantage, target market identification, short and long term SMART goals, objectives and action plan.

People Development

Successful leaders within organizations understand that their companies’ investment needs to be as much in people as in machines. Elkay Corporate Advisors specializes in helping organizations grow and maintain a competitive advantage by developing and more effectively utilizing the skills of the people in their organizations. We believe long-term success will belong to those organizations that can meet their challenges faster and better than their competitors.

Elkay Corporate Advisors people development processes are comprised of three key ingredients to help individuals find greater success on both personal and professional levels:

  • Goal Setting
  • Attitude Development

Client achievements include the following:

  • Improved organizational profits
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Reduced turnover
  • Improved employee satisfaction and morale

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