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Lisa Kanda, owner and chief results officer at Elkay Corporate Advisors, is a professional speaker, business/marketing strategist; executive and personal branding coach; and social media consultant and trainer. She focuses her work on helping companies, solo and entrepreneurs and individuals break through obstacles to their achieving success by providing the tools to realize improved results for them in their professional and personal lives.

4 Business Tools to Increase Your Effectiveness

Being effective means having the right tools to help you get the job finished quickly and efficiently. I’ve noticed that there are a handful of web sites/applications that I use almost daily that help me get things done.  Below are four of the top places I go to throughout my day- and they are all free to use. Many have an upgraded version at a cost for additional features, but I have found that the free versions work fine for my needs.


If you’re not familiar with Jing, this is the easiest way to snap all or part of your screen (i.e. when you just want to grab a portion of a web page) or take screen capture video. The program will allow up to five minutes of video.  I use this almost daily for the screen capture feature, but the video capability is also helpful, but has some limitations.


You Send It

If you send large files and may not be sure if your recipient will receive it because of their server limitations or spam filters, the safest alternative is to use You Send It. You can send files up to 100MB and know they will receive them.

You Send It


Delicious is a social bookmarking service that allows you to tag, save, manage and share Web pages all in one place. Instead of having different bookmarks on every computer, Delicious makes it easy to have a single set of bookmarks kept in sync between all of your computers. Even if you’re not on a computer you own, you can still get to your bookmarks on the Delicious website. I don’t know about you, but I have hundreds of web sites that I’ve bookmarked, and I would hate to lose them. Now, with Delicious, they are saved and retrievable from any computer.


Bud Url

Social media, especially Twitter, have made it essential to use link shorteners. I found that using Bud Url provides a custom shortened URL that I can use in all my social media sites as well as any other place that I want to track click through and open rates, such as links to QR codes, long PDF file names, and in emails.

Bud Url

If you have any web sites/applications that you use frequently, please share them in the comments.

The Four Most Important Words for Leaders

When working with businesses, one of the most common requests I receive from leadership is, “How do I get more out of my people?”  Tom Peters has a series on You Tube called The Little Big Things. In this video he talks about the 4 Most Important Words for Leadership.

YouTube Preview Image

Business owners, managers, and anyone in a leadership position would do themselves a great service and ask their team members on regular basis – “What Do You Think?” It goes far beyond giving lip service or putting out a suggestion box.  It is a sincere probing to discover how to best empower and motivate those who work for you.

I suggest to Tom and business owners that they take it to one more level and after asking, “What do you think?”  that they follow up with “Is there anything else?

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Podcast: Can Leaders Influence Hardiness?

Your ability to showcase leadership resilience can make a marked difference in your success regardless of economic climate or circumstances. DonnaLyn Giegerich joined 30 Minute Business Dig to share her experience as an expert in resiliency after managing a dual couple cancer diagnosis. She survived a 10-hour complex surgery for a four in one million rare Leiomyosarcoma cancer at nearly the same time her husband was waging his own cancer journey.

As an empowerment speaker and wellness coach, she will share how to become aware of your “hardiness quotient” and empower your teams. How resilient are you? How to you approach adversity? Learn the four managerial lenses that will ramp up your resiliency.  DonnaLyn will give you usable tools to help you push through challenges and achieve meaningful change both in work and life.

Podcast: Transformation: Using Images to Get to the “Heart of the Matter”

Irene Kelly shares her experiences as one of the creators of JICT Images. JICT Images is a set of evocative images that quickly move people to a deeper level. The images inspire metaphors that move users to a deeper place … “the heart of the matter” quickly. Irene’s provocative tools utilize images to inspire and stimulate creativity for solutions in organizations.

Podcast: Leadership in Turbulent Times

What the Great Masters of Art Can Teach Us

Artist, speaker, and creative catalyst, Fred Mandell joins 30 Minute Business Dig to share “How to apply The Seven Creative Skills™ of the Great Masters of Art to the leadership challenge.” Leonardo Da Vinci, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, Berthe Morisot —these are some of the greatest creatives in history. What do these artists have in common with people in leadership?