Are You Using Alerts to Monitor Your Brand?

Are You Using Alerts To Monitor Your Brand?The latest buzz is that Google will be dropping their Google Alerts service. Google has already shut down Google Reader, so this may happen. For those of you who are already using Google Alerts, I have two alternatives to share with you to replace it. If you are not using Google Alerts, it’s time for you to start using an alert system.

Using Google Alerts or one (or both) of the following replacements, allows you to receive emails when new results — such as web pages, newspaper articles, or blogs — are found on the Internet that match your search term(s). You enter a search query you wish to monitor and each time it appears on the web, you receive an email notification. You can set up how frequently you wish to receive the emails.

It is recommended that you first set up alerts for your name and company name. After that, alerts can be useful for competitive intelligence; current industry information; and/or monitoring developing stories. Once you set up your alerts, you may have to modify the search terms depending if you are getting too many or too few results.

Two Alternatives to Google Alerts

Talkwalker is a comprehensive alert system that includes social media conversations.  The set up is very similar to the Google Alerts set up. For the free version, click here.

Mention also creates alerts of any mention on the web and social networks¬†¬† Mention makes your alerts accessible through the use the Chrome app, desktop version for PC, Mac or Linux or mobile version with the iPhone or Android apps. In the free version, you are allowed up to 250 mentions and 2 keywords (or queries) monitored per month. You can invite your friends to sign up and earn extra free mentions. For every friend that joins, you’ll get 100 free mentions. For the free version, click here.

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