Facebook Allows Admins to Have Different Roles

Great news for Facebook business page owners! Facebook now enables you to select roles for admins.  With this new feature, you can select the level of control and interaction that your admins have with your business page.

The following five roles are now available for you to assign to your admins.Facebook Admin Chart

  1. Manager –Manager admins are able to manage other admin roles, edit the page and add apps, and create posts as the p age. As well as respond to and delete comments, send messages as the page, create ads, and view insights.
  2. Content Creator –Content creators, can edit the page and add apps, create posts as the page, and respond to and delete comments. They can also send messages as the page, create ads, and view insights.
  3. Moderator – Moderators are for controlling users interactions on the page. They can respond to and delete comments, send messages as the page, create ads, and view insights
  4. Advertiser – Advertisers can only create ads and view insights.
  5. Insights analyst –Insight analysts can only view insights, which are collected anonymous insights about people’s activity on the page.

3 Things You Need to Know

  1. Current admins have been brought over as managers by default.  Page owners should review current admins and select appropriate roles.
  2. Under the ‘Edit Page’ menu, the new selection ‘Admin Roles’ has been added.
  3. When adding new admins, their roles can now be selected.

How to edit/add adminsFacebook Admin Roles Chart

Click on the new ‘admin roles’ menu option, and your current admins will appear. This will provide you with the opportunity to select to roles for your current admins. Upon adding a new admin, use the drop down menu and select the new role for your admin.

Adding Admin Roles


How can this feature help business owners?

This new feature will provide page owners more security on the level of control and access to their page. In the past, page owners and admins alike had equal control. This new feature control can be managed only by the page owner. Page owners will no longer have to worry about other admins misusing their privileges. So long as you remain manager, the one with the utmost control, other admins can do little to harm your page.

For more information, go to Facebook’s help page on admin roles – http://ow.ly/bp2qd

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