Top Ten Benefits of Having a Facebook Business Page

Top Ten Benefits of Having a Facebook Business PageDid you know that Facebook is the most popular social network for all ages?
According to Forrester Research -State Of Consumers And Technology: Benchmark 2011, US Report, 96% of  the total US adults online using social networks have an account with Facebook. With Facebook ranking as the number one social network of choice, the obvious question might be why isn’t your business on Facebook?

Creating a Facebook Business (or Fan) Page is easy and free. But once you’ve created the page, you can immediately benefit from the features pages offer.

  1. Business page content is in the public domain (where your individual profile is managed by your privacy settings) and is indexed by search engines.  Every bit of content – status updates, photos, links, events and videos – are able to be found by GoogleBing, etc.
  2. If you have several businesses or products or services, you can create more than one business page.
  3. Many business owners want to keep their profiles only for their personal use. Fan pages allow you to keep your personal and business lives separate.
  4. Since it’s a public page, anyone can “like” your page. This will help you expand beyond your circle of “friends and family” on the personal side and make the page for business building.
  5. Pages allow you to create a custom URL –  This custom username makes it easier for you to share your page link.
  6. You can also create a keyword descriptive page name that is more than just your business name.
  7. If you have a street address, use Facebook places to have clients and customers check in. Everytime they do, your business name is mentioned on their Facebook profile for all their friends to see.
  8. Facebook provides its own analytics called “Insights” that allows you to measure and analyze your efforts.
  9. Facebook pages offers several resources to help you cross promote you page on your web site and blog using “likes”, “shares” and “comments”
  10. Facebook “apps” can be used to customize your page. You can embed your blog posts and LinkedIn profile and/or add welcome pages, contests, and newsletter sign up forms.

Having a presence on Facebook is no longer something a business can put off anymore. With 96% of US adults using Facebook as their social network of choice, it’s hard to ignore the potential business opportunities this platform offers.

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